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The following are a selection of of articles and booklets currently available for sale to newspapers, magazines and individuals. Please contact P.B.S. Studios for more information about rights and pricing.



Appomattox CourthouseAn illustrated article about where the Civil War ended 150 years ago on April 9, 1865.



Golf with Jack: A Tribute to my FatherA column originally published in Washington Golf Monthly about my father and how he taught me life though golf.



Johnny Appleseed - Article about the man who wandered around the country side spreading apple seeds from Leominster, MA named John Chapman who became one of America's beloved folk heroes known as Johnny Appleseed. Photo illustrations available.



A Beach Walkers Guide to the Seaweed of Cape Cod - a article about that will dispel what you might think about seaweed. Photo illustrations available.


Spying on the Enemy with America's Spy Planes - An article about how America used high speed planes like the SR171 Blackbird and the U2 to gather intelligence during the cold war.



The Golf Courses of Cape Cod - An article about the different golf courses on Cape Cod. Photo illustrations available. Article or Booklet



Golf Courses of Virginia - A guide to the different golf courses on the state of Virginia. Photo illustrations available. Article or Booklet



The Three Nations Fort - An travel article about Old Fort Niagara, in Youngstown, New York. Located at edge of Lake Ontario and the mouth of the Niagara River was an important spot in our country's history. Photo illustrations available.



Why Loreena McKennitt Should Not Give-up on Music - An article on how this wonderful musician/artist who had merged traditional Celtic style music with modern instruments provided a guidebook to her travels should not give up on music. As others have done before, she can use the death of her love to create new and more personal music.



Joshua Tree National Monument - A travel article on this interesting desert in California. Photo illustrations available.



How Mary Sawyer Changed the World - An article on how in a little one-room schoolhouse an incident occurred that inspired one of America's most famous and beloved poems, "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Photo illustrations available.



The Most Photographed Mill - A article on one of the most popular places in Massachusetts for photographic settings: the Old Grist Mill at Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury is one of the most photographed mills in America. Photo illustrations available.



Tipping: Knowing When and How Much! - An article about when and how to tip when your travelling.



A Rocky Road for Eric Clapton - An article talking about the ups and downs of the career of Eric Clapton. Photo illustrations available. Article or Booklet



Boston By Foot (and Subway) - A walking tour of the city of Boston, Massachusetts - The Pru, Boston Commons, Freedom Trail. Photo illustrations available. Article or Booklet



Taking Better Travel Photographs - An article showing how you can photograph. By following some simple guidelines on photographic composition and lighting you can improve your photography. Photo illustrations available. Article or Booklet



Selling Your Photographs for Money - If you have a working 35 mm camera that can produce sharp, properly exposed a black and white photography or a color slide, you have a money maker in your house. That's about all the equipment you'll need to start your business as a freelance stock photographer, creating marketable photo illustrations that you can (and will) sell to book and magazine publishers through the mail. Photo illustrations available. Article or Booklet



Listening to the Skies - A article about the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (N.R.A.O.).at Green Bank, West Virginia. Photo illustrations available.



Can I Go Too? dogs view on how to travel with your pet.


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